1990년에 출발한 정원화랑이 2006년 4월 12일 갤러리화인으로 다시 문을 열었습니다.
참신하고 의미있는 기획전을 중심으로 부산 미술문화의 활발한 교류의 장이 될 수 있도록 기회를 제공하고자 합니다. 특히 힘들게 작업하시는 작가분들께는 희망이 되는 화랑이 될 것입니다.
씨클라우드 호텔 1층에 자리한 갤러리 화인에 오셔서 항상 새로운 감동의 전시를 만나십시요.

Gallery FINE, previously known as Jung Won Gallery in the 1990s reopened with its new name in 2006. v We offer an ideal environment for artists who need support to establish the reputation in the field of art.
By promoting artists in this way, Gallery FINE acts as a platform for artistic dialogue and invites the public to engage with what we feel are some of the most significant issues in the rapidly growing art world.
We hope to be a seminal part of the hub of Busan’s cultural district, with selective exhibitions that are both meaningful and novel.
Gallery FINE always welcome visitors with dynamic and innovative artworks created by some of the most provocative contemporary artists.